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Seven Best Apps Reported By Mashable, Surprised?

Mashable catches readers up on the best of newly released apps

The best Apps have just been reviewed and published at Mashable. In this writers' opinion, the reviews of the best apps are renduntant, or more releases of specializations of apps that are already out there being used. Except the Herme's Silk Knots scarves app. The illustrated step-by-step directory of how to wear $5,000 silk scarf's in a variety of ways. Are we on the right bus going downtown?

What's the Latest in Digital Gaming

How Apple is standing behind new add on mobile gaming devices.

Heads up on what to expect in iOS 7 gaming. Although many of the big changes in store may not be evident for a few months. Apple execs mentioned at this year's WWDC that iOS 7 will be compatible with Apple-sanctioned mobile gaming controllers. Although they didn't roll out with iOS 7's launch, Apple has released guides for developers on how to incorporate game controls easily into their apps. Spec sheets are available to view at Mashable.com.

Facebook Ads get new Beat in Algorithms

Change to deliver more relevant ads in Facebook News Feed.

Facebook is tweaking the algorithm behind ad placements. By viewer hiding ads they are not interested in, algorithms will reduce the number of those types of ads that are shown. Such logical linkage appears as no surprise. Marketers may see variation in distribution of their ads in coming weeks, but it's claimed it to be a positive change.

All-In-One Board Features Events in Technology

Nationwide Events in Technology brought to you by Mashable

Mashable's Events Board is a great place to find leading conferences in you industry whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. There are more than 80 events features in their complete listings. You can sort listing by when they were added, get discount codes and watch vids of past events.

Tech, Text & Fitness Unite in New Head Device

Incredible Clip On For Fitness Junkies

The solution for multitasking your way toward a better body and mind means "reading" books while keeping up with your fitness regimen, on a treadmill anyway. A tiny clip-on device can be attached to a headband or the collar of your shirt and this system tracks the movements of your stationary running position so you can run while keeping the text bouncing in sync on your ipad.

Stillshot 60-Second Tutorials on Your Phone!

Shadow Puppet App, Creates Narratives on the Fly

This new free app allows smartphone user to create a self-narrated slide show using photos from their photo gallery and record an instant narration. To create, upload a simple and quick show to share with anyone in seconds. Called, Shadow Puppets, each photo can be zoomed, highlighted or panned to create a story and shared instantly across the web or your favorite social media platform.

New Technologies Help City Management

Major metropolitans benefit from utilizing big data.

Since the Local Law 11 of 2012 passed, New York alone has released more than 200 high-value data sets to the public. Major cities are utilizing traffic stats, energy consumption rates and GPS mapping to launch projects aiding communities and travel and safety. From parking spots to commute congestion and even digging out fire hydrants in Boston during winter, city life improves through big data.

Self-Claimed, 'World's Oldest' Publication Goes Online

Publications are shifting to digital format out of necessity.

One of the oldest newspapers in the world, which started as a notice pinned to a coffee shop wall, will permanently stop being printed in paperform. In 1734, a bulletin about ship arrivals, departures and casualities in London, called Lloyd's List, has dwindled in subscription to a customer base of 25. At one point, they enjoyed a readership of 60,000.