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Tools of The Trade In Progressive Web Design

"Great content is never enough". There are as many commerical reasons to build a website as industries, yet progressive web design implementation demands the key elements of the following considerations before any internet publishing occurs.



Prepare to take an in-depth view of the composition called your team. They are the professionals that identify the needs of a client's web-based business presence. Don't think a friend you know who can code will be proficient in all areas of web development. A correctly targeted path in planning your web site, before the first word is written should include a complete report of the following developmental stages:

  • Strategy- What do you want to accomplish?
  • Scope, know your boundaries before the start.
  • Structure- Only after the strategy and scope are clearly defined.
  • Skeleton phases from maps, content overviews and wireframe.
  • Surface Treatment 'look and feel', or, bring on the designers!



Static or dynamic? Fixed or responsive? To compete in today's online market your website presence has to keep up with internet standards and trends. Find out what it takes to get the attention your business deserves. You may have a great product or service but if your presentation lacks luster and is sadly outdated, you may be left behind.

  • Quality- Less than 5 seconds to make a good first impression.
  • Organization- Priority, progressive disclosure and wayfinding.
  • Tools- It's a lot more than HTML and CSS buddy.
  • Forms- Get your code on and submit it.
  • RSS/Social Media- Don't leave yourself out in the cold.



Utilize the research tools the top Fortune 500 companies use and go gold! Today's market is keenly astute in research marketing. Don't neglect your audience and your ROI by failing to observe, interrogate and analyze your customers. Ongoing research keep you in tune with your primary customer base who provides your repeat customer market flow.

  • Personas define audiences, don't leave them out!
  • User Research the invaluable pot of gold in your business.
  • Segmentation- Fortune 500 companies this to reel them in.
  • Using field studys to re-evaluate your market revenues quarterly.
  • Ongoing surveys keep your management in the right direction.



If your scratching your head at this stage in the game, trust us, your in trouble. Know your direction, fine tune your priorities and chose your most effective layout through multiple iterations in the process of perfecting your presentation!

  • Templates- When exactly ARE they applicable?
  • Intuitive Design- You should know by now...
  • Color Schemes- The most underrated influencer of the process.
  • The importance of Layout can never be emphasized emough.
  • Priorities- Negotiating the CEO's recommendations.

Student Construction by RussT Productions • Fall 2013